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Assuring that the customers are well acquainted with the best car & services dealers in their vicinity is the primary objective of the Glocar.


The company was registered on 12th Sept 2016 as Glocar Informatics & Media Pvt.Ltd under the name of the Directors (Mr. Sujay Gupta and Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta) after its ideation on 6th Nov 2015.


Our company is thriving and flourishing with every passing day and our tie-ups with dealers has outstretched to 725 Authorized dealers and 2,570 Multibrand car dealers with 800+ Reviews.


We welcome any kind of valuable suggestion from our employees. Teamwork, peace and harmony in the workplace are our utmost priorities.

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We are professionals to grow your business

Where do you end up when you want to get work done for your car? Does your car maintenance hamper your weekly holiday? Are you sure your car dealer gives the best prices available?

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My car recently broke down in the middle of nowhere late at night. One call to GloCar, and they sent me Road Side Assistance who fixed my car and helped me reach home. I realised that at that point, none of my friends or family could have come, thank God I had Glocar!


Sanjeev Govila

Glocar Titanium Member, New Delhi

I bought a car a few years back, but my late working hours and super hectic schedule, I wasn't able to get the bump in my car fixed. I got the Glocar membership card recently and got my car fixed and serviced. They connected me to a service station near my workplace, and they did a terrific job. Now my car gets regular servicing and looks as good as new again.


Abhishek Raj

Glocar Titanium Member, New Delhi

The professionalism and enthusiasm of the Glocar executives have just impressed me a lot. They give me good leads throughout the month, and all for a some discount which is only fair to give. My business has flourished since the day I signed the contract with them. I wish to stay in a long term association with them and continue to grow together.


Karan Chandhok

Singh Shoppe, CR Park, New Delhi

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Glocar offers you state of the art membership benefits that is unparalleled in service and support. Glocar is the solution to making sure your car maintenance is not a burden. Providing you with the best options for your monetary decisions as well as ensuring that your car is always in good hands.

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