Glocar Informatics and Media Pvt Ltd. for the first time reaches to paper media in The Cofounder Magazine after the continuous hardwork of two years by the founder Mr. Sujay Gupta and his team members with the aim to break the information barrier between customers and car dealers. So here is a gist of what happened in Glocar in past two years.

  • When

  • The idea was developed on 6th Nov 2015 and the company was named GLOCAR, short for Global Cars. The company, was registered on 12th Sept 2016 under the name Glocar Informatics and Media Pvt Ltd. Gradually we became a member of Start up India, FICCI, CII, NASCOM and also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

  • The Idea

  • Understanding the need of the hour, we want to make the user's automobile ownership experience fantastic! After reading car reviews, researching and deciding on which car to buy, we also researched about the dealerships to ensure that the customers are getting a fair price, a good deal and a great service experience. Glocar gives them real reviews & ratings and provide them with a platform to share their dealership experiences with others. With dedicated engagement and management tools, Glocar also enables, dealers to spend more time focusing on their services provided which translates directly to a better automobile experience.

  • Who

  • Glocar was founded by Mr. Sujay Gupta. Before founding Glocar, Sujay(SG) was in a senior management postion at Mercedes Benz. He has also worked with brands like Jaguar-Land Rover, Audi alongwith working in the banking sector with brands like ICICI and Citi Bank. Now the team comprises of almost 30 dynamic people working together including Sumit Kumar Upadhyay (SKU), employees, freelancers and interns.

  • Challenges

  • a) Post the planning stage SG started framing the ideas through a website and an app. Initially the team faced a lot of issues in streamlining the process flow through a website and an app but after all the struggles we were able to launch our website in Feb’17.

    b) During the past one year the founding team of Glocar was upgraded many times which now finally consists of 2(Two) founders.

  • Start Up

  • a) When we started, we hired Business Development and HR employees followed by the formation of the IT and marketing teams.

    b) Snehil Pandey (HR Manager) joined as the first employee and then SKU joined Glocar as the Co-founder-IT. Sumit started to build his IT team and Snehil started to hire for various other profiles.

    c) Now we have a team of almost 30 dynamic people working together and we are always looking for young and dynamic individuals for our journey ahead.

  • Garage

  • Our first office set up was out of a garage (Asiad Village, New Delhi). With constant hardwork and motivation Glocar moved on to various make shift offices located in Kausambhi and Greater Kailash 2. Currently Glocar team is based in Shahpurjat (Hauz Khas, New Delhi).

  • The Money

  • Revenues started pouring in from Mar 2016 onwards when we started the Membership Card model and Portfolio management servies.

  • Future

  • With the Customer Satisfaction Index as a top priority on our platform, Glocar plans to make our whole process more and more customer centric. We as a team improve our environment and social culture so that customers could experience only the best. We aim to create a very transparent model in the automobile dealerships industry.

  • Expansion

  • Glocar has started from Delhi-NCR and is working hard everyday to expand to Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bhopal and Kolkata soon.

Dedicated to the customer satisfaction, we are keen to keep on moving forward to serve you better in future.